Lottery Pool Win $99 Mega Millions Jackpot prize


JEFFERSON, OH – The winners of Friday’s Mega Millions jackpot were 22 co workers at KraftMaid. The mega million jackpot winners came to the Ohio Lottery’s Youngstown regional office to claim their jackpot prize $99 million dollars. The winning ticket was sold at the Speedway located at 149 North Chestnut Street in Jefferson. The winners are:

Arnette Badanjek, Southington Kathleen Holesko, Newton Falls
Germaine Bolden, Mentor David Hostetler Middlefield
Thomas Bolden, Whitmore Lake Beverly Kaser, Garrettsville
Jennifer Brown, Chardon Marjorie Langreder, W. Farmington
Kahemba Butler, Warren Chastity Lewis, Niles
Jennifer Carpenter, Dorset Margaret Lindic, Burton
Lynn Clifton, Rome Denise Moss, Garrettsville
LaDawn Cramer, Garrettsville Donald Rosette, Aurora
Kimberly Wallace, Middlefield Cheryl Getzy, Concord
Michael Weaver, Burton Joni Hardin, Jefferson
Dennis Wolford, Southington Susan Durman, Huntsburg

The winners lotto pool winners chose the cash option, and each receive $2 million after federal and state tax withholdings. ($65.4 million gross total payment; $45.1 million net, split by 22 persons.) They Ohio State Lottery will pay them in about 4 weeks.

[alert-orange] The Winning Ticket was purchased at[/alert-orange]


149 North Chestnut Street
Jefferson, OH 44047-1125
(440) 576-9595

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The winners said they’ve been playing the lottery, as a group, for a while. The group won the Mega Million on Friday August 5th, 2011 and claimed their prize on Monday August the 8th. They did not waist any time.

This is another example of how joining a lottery pool can increase your chances of winning the lottery.

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